Personal Usage

The information in this section is regarding the publication of cards for personal use (blogs, websites, SNS, etc.).

Please feel free to use our cards in any of the below settings given that it is purely for personal use and not for commercial purposes which would lead to a copyright infringement:

  • Publishing reviews or readings with our products on online blogs
  • Photos and videos for SNS purposes (ex. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, etc.)
  • Using our cards to offer paid reading services


Copyright Violations

If a violation of the copyright regulations is found or reported, we will do our best to contact the accused party, however, in the event we are unable to make contact or remedy the situation, legal action may be taken.

The following are cases of copyright violations:

  • Production and sale of our goods without permission
  • Unauthorized production of items using product illustrations
  • Plagarizing, pirating, bootleging our products in any way shape or form

Unauthorized reproduction or reprinting of our products is subject to criminal penalties under the Copyright Act.


Usage of Bots

As a general rule, we do not allow the use of our products to be used in or to create automatic fortune reading bots. A separate usage agreement with us is required. Please contact us directly if you have an inquiry regarding this.


Licensing Opportunities

If you are interested in licensing our card designs for use in printed materials such as books etc., please contact us for more information.

A license will be required to use/reproduce any part of our products in any shape or form for commercial purposes. This includes using our illustrations, designs, etc.

Licensing decisions will be made after reviewing the requested business plan.