Vivid Aura Birth Cards 【Oracle Card Decks】

$48 $58

【caution】  Due to the influence of Covid-19, the number of staff has been reduced, and it takes about 14-21 days to ship. I'm sorry.


Supervised by dr padma, the popular Vivid Aura Lovers Card has finally landed in Japan. It is an Oracle card made to awaken the vivid energy hidden inside of everyone.

Use the strong energy contained in the card to make you happy. Touch the cards, and powerful energy will spring up, which will make your life richer and happier.

How to use this card is up to you. You can carry one of your favorite cards by your intuition and use it as a guardian card to protect yourself, or you can use the card to amplify the positive aura contained in other items.

There are endless ways to read it, such as pulling one sheet as an activity to stay happy or deciding today's schedule. After picking up the card, you will find that it will become more and more familiar to you and bring out your true charm.

Now let's get in touch with the card. This card will enrich your life.

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