LUNA’S BEAR TAROT 【Cute teddy bear tarot card】


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Luna's Bear Tarot is a tarot card for beginners.

It was created with cards that are matte and easy to use, scratch-resistant paper that exceeds the original rider version, and have a gentle and beloved taste.
The design is compliant with the complete rider version so that even beginners can easily understand it, and anyone can use it easily.

A new cute and healing bear-friendly tarot card. In order to create a warm illustration as a whole, we paid particular attention to the shape of each teddy bear, giving it a mellow feel that makes you want to hug it gently.
Although it conforms to the rider version, it is a lovely and friendly illustration. Luna's Bear Tarot is a deck that is recommended for both those who are new to tarot and those who have used tarot cards until now.

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Xinning Wu

The quality of the card stock is super! Cute and accurate.

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