BLISSFUL DOLPHIN TAROT 【Cute dolphin tarot】


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Do you have a scary image on the tarot card? But don't worry. This tarot is a tarot card to heal you with kindness.

Dolphins are very kind creatures. A dolphin that looks cute, has a friendly personality, and loves to get along with people. Many people feel happy when they are healed by the loveliness and appearance of dolphins. A dolphin that emits ultrasonic waves called "echolocation" to talk with friends and measure the distance to an object. When a dolphin emits ultrasonic waves, we can hear it as "dolphin's voice", and the power of the dolphin's voice is expected to be effective as animal therapy. Dolphins have the character of going to help when they find a weakened creature, even if it is a different creature.

Of course, that property is also true for humans.

For example, dolphins are said to be able to distinguish between those who are good at communicating and those who are not. It is a playful dolphin that can be mischievous or rampage when people who are good at communication get into the water and approach it, but when people who are not good at communication get into the water and approach it, It seems that they can take a gentle attitude toward them and be quiet without rampaging.

Dolphins, which are a particularly popular motif among marine life because of their kindness, have become various icons and color people's lives.

Such dolphins are not only a symbol of good luck, but also a symbol of healing and improving luck, and many people believe that wearing and seeing items related to dolphins can bring about those effects. ..

In addition, because of its pacifist personality, which is kind to others and does not like conflict, it is widely loved as a talisman for solving problems of trouble and relationships.

How lucky would it be if such a beloved dolphin became a tarot card and the illustrations were cute and healed?

Now, take the cuteness of the dolphins in your hands.
Thinking about when you received this card, wouldn't it be exciting and happy from now on?

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Cheryl Lewis
Blissful Dolphin

I absolutely love this and pleased this arrived safely and thank you

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