FABLE HEDGEHOG TAROT 【Lovely Tarot card, 78 pieces】


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A hedgehog, a popular animal because of its loveliness.

Despite its small appearance, hedgehogs heal the hearts of many people, and in Japan there is even a hedgehog cafe.

This time, we packed the cuteness of such a hedgehog into a tarot card in the world of fairy tales.


(1) The gentle and soothing illustrations that are compliant with the rider version and consist of 78 cards with a matte texture can dispel the image that many people have had until now, "Tarot cards are difficult and scary."

(2) A simple fortune-telling guidebook for beginners and a matte box are included, making it perfect for beginners.

③ Because it is a card with an image that gently wraps you around, it creates an atmosphere where the image of fortune-telling is gently healed.

④ You can feel happy and healed every day just by doing one oracle fortune-telling yourself.

Add color to your fortune-telling with gentle and cute illustrations.

A fortune-telling booklet for beginners is included, so even those who have no experience in fortune-telling are of course okay.

Get used to the world of tarot while reading the gentle fortune-telling booklet composed of 60 pages!

In addition, it is composed of tastes that conform to the rider version, so let's study tarot cards from now on! It is also perfect for your first deck.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
These are AMAZING

Great Quality cards. The hedgehogs are so adorable. The card stock is awesome
Shipping was faster than I expected

One of my favorite tarot decks EVER!!

I absolutely LOVE my Hedgehog tarot deck! It's just SO cute! The card stock is excellent, and the imagery is very clear and easy to interpret for anyone familiar with the RWS system. I'd also recommend it for beginners for that reason. Also, it has a matte finish, and a nice soft feel to it kind of like the rose petal finish but a liter version of the rose petal finish. I love that! It's very easy to shuffle overhand or riffle. It comes in a nice sturdy box for safe keeping and with a little guidebook, but the print is tiny. I live in the US and shipping didn't take long at all which I was very happy about! I love this deck and it was well worth the cost and the wait to receive it, regardless! If you're on the fence about getting it, get off the fence and buy it! You can thank me later! :)

Love the Hedgehog Tarot Cards!

The Fable Hedgehog Tarot cards really make doing readings more interesting. The artwork is well done and the cards are a good quality.
The book that came with it is very helpful too. I just wish the print size was bigger. ( I am not able to read some of the text due to vision challenges.) その上に彼女はカードがとてもかわいいと言った。最高だ!
Thank you for a great product!

Patrícia Monteiro
Super Cute Tarot Deck

This deck is really fun and easy to use.
Very good quality cards and the hedgehog is so cute.
Love it!

Ultimate cuteness

This deck is so cute and adorable! Exactly what I was looking for (I'm collecting only cute tarot decks). Will def order again from your shop. Thank you

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