JAPANESE ANIME TAROT 【Animation, Kawaii, 78 pieces】

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Beliefs in Japan and Animation Culture

In Japan, the concept of ​​Shinto has been practiced as a traditional belief in nature and ethnicity. In this modern time, some people are blindly deepening their beliefs in some specific objects in the world of animations and cartoons which are two-dimensional and also idols on screens. 

Shinto does not have any specific religious faction. It is an animistic and an ethnic religion based on some myths, multitudinous gods, nature and natural phenomenon.

And the latin word “anima” which is the origin of the word “animism” means “to give life to something that cannot move without life” and it is actually the etymology of animation. In other words, the animation culture can be originated from the culture that gives life to all lifeless things and move them, respects them, and believes in them. The reason why Japanese animation has attracted so much attention is that there is so much energy in creative objects by Japanese creators who have believed in animism genealogically.

This JAPANESE ANIME TAROT has been made based on such wisdoms.

About the cards

These 78 cards are made by the inspiration from the rider edition and there is no extra energy needed for your reading. 

The essence of the card will appeal to you and your senses, and you can bring out your own feeling smoothly even when it is used for your readings.

It is said that Japanese people tend to be delicate.

It is obvious by looking at the culture and the life styles.

This delicacy is probably the special characteristic when it comes to art even in a worldwide view and art pieces such as ink paintings and ukiyo-e arts are created by seeking beauty in fine details.

This project of the tarot cards was started with the thought that is to heal the hearts of all the people in the world and make them happy by the power of the wisdoms, the senses and the unique views of Japanese arts.


In fact, most animated tarot cards are not planned or designed in Japan.

We are trying to make something different.

These cards are created by a Japanese company called Luna Factory, and the Japanese designers who have the intention of making beautiful and lovely tarot cards to fit into the Japanese sense and making tarot cards more familiar to Japanese people.

JAPANESE ANIME TAROT is made to match the delicate and aesthetic sense of Japanese culture.


Quality of our cards

  • These 78 cards have undergone matte processing to minimize scratches during use and they are printed carefully to pass the strict standards in Japan.
  • The original beautiful illustrations are printed in the bottom and the top of the cards (including the box and the lid). You may get healed whenever you take a look at these lovely designs.
  • The original booklet, "The Japanese Tarot Guide Book"(Japanese) is included so that even beginners can start reading right away. English booklets will also be published upon requests.

THE JAPANIMATION TAROT is made based on the world's bestselling rider tarot cards. Whether you are a  beginner who will enter the world of tarot cards soon, or you are already familiar with cards, even as a professional collector, our cards will be a perfect recommendation for anyone showing interest in tarot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cute cards!

It's easy to read the drawings are wonderful and the booklet had English translation in it so that's great.
Very fun to look at as well so would recommend

Hagop Baljian

JAPANESE ANIME TAROT 【Animation, Kawaii, 78 pieces】

Sherwin Wee
Good quality and art

I really love the art and quality and I am glad I got it!

Ron Conyne
Excellent quality and customer service

Great shopping experience and prompt shipping.

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