IDEAL SOULMALE TAROT 【Tarot Card, 78 Weighted Edition】

$58 $68

Submerges yourself in the dreamscape of tarot, filling you with soulful warmth and healing power.

Designed as a standard 78-card tarot deck including both the Major and Minor Arcana, this set is well recommended to every tarot enthusiast from the beginners to professional collectors.

This deck features never-before-seen original male characters in gorgeous illustrations, based on classic tarot iconography. By reimagining the traditional tarot archetypes and symbols in a contemporary and intuitive style, the deck has gotten rid of its past terrifying image, becoming accessible and never more mentally stressful for anyone to read it. It will be a perfect gift for those taking the first step forward on tarot journey or those who are interested in tarot but ever hesitated to get started.

The expressive and charming characters tell stories, ask questions, and provide guidance for modern soul-seekers to access their inner wisdom. We hope the healing power within these soul males will be empowering, uplifting enough for you to focus on your reading and help gain a moment of illumination in your life, inspired and positive.


STANDARD 78-CARDS DECK: Composed of 78 cards that carry on the tradition of Rider Waite Edition, this deck has been well optimized for contemporary fortune-telling, in the popular size of 7cm x 12cm.

GUIDEBOOK INCLUDED: This unique deck includes a guidebook to help tarot practitioners of all skill levels perform fun and informed readings. We have enjoyed a high reputation among collectors who collect various types of cards and fortune-tellers using tarots.

COLLECTIBLE QUALITY: Cards are manufactured one by one at a dedicated factory for our customers. Besides maintaining enough thickness, the deck has sufficient toughness, packaged in a sturdy, decorative gift box.

DREAMSCPGE OF SOLE MALES: It would be a perfect choice to try this Ideal Soul Mail Tarot instead of traditional Edition for fortune-telling, where you can enjoy a fortune-telling dreamscape surrounded by imaginary and romantic characters. Get this Ideal Soul Tarot, unlock your full potential and make your life shining with the power of those fantastic mail characters.

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