The Lucky Oracle is a fortune-telling card deck with cute illustrations and clear meanings shown on the card making it extremely easy for beginners to use.

What is “The Lucky Oracle”?

Lucky was the pet dog owned by me, "Subaru," the author of this card. When I was a child, I met Lucky as a puppy with nowhere to go, and I brought him home to take care of him. The name "Lucky" was given to this cute Shiba Inu in the hope that good luck would rain down on his life. Lucky was a rambunctious and spoiled dog, but he was very considerate and kind-hearted. Ever since Lucky came to my home, even though I had difficulties and hardships, I have been able to overcome them thanks to Lucky's support. However, when I got older and eventually became an adult, Lucky passed away.

I made these cards with the feelings that I did not want to forget Lucky, and that I wanted not only my family, but for you to be happy with Lucky's energy.

Each card has a cute loving drawing of Lucky on it.

We are confident that by just looking at these cards, you will be able to soothe your soul, make your day happier, and your future more positive and clear.

Even if you were stuck or couldn't see a solution, Lucky is there with you to help you get through it. Lucky’s spirit is not only within me, but also with you to make your days happier.


Product Details and Description


This deck consists of a total of 51 cards, carefully printed in accordance with the high quality standards of Japanese products.

The size of each card is 88mm x 126mm, the standard size for oracle card decks.

The paper quality is 350 gsm thick.

Each card is finished with careful attention to detail. The cards are soft and smooth to the touch, the matte finish making them favorable to touch.

The illustrations used on each card are all newly drawn and produced.

The reverse side of each illustration features a glass slipper, apple, and animals from the Bremen Musicians, creating a chic design that differs from the magical colorful illustrations.


A specially printed hard-cover printed box with lid. The lid of the box is designed to look like a real book, and is truly "Grimm's Fairy Tales" themed in appearance.

Characters and motifs from Grimm's Fairy Tales are depicted, and the details of the design have been carefully crafted.

The box packaging has been designed to securely protect your cards and allows for ease of carry. The cards can be easily used and kept each time with the lid design.


An originally written booklet detailing the meanings of each of the cards is included so that even beginners can begin reading the cards right away.

The explanations are very detailed and instructions of the different reading methods are carefully written, making it ideal for first-time oracle card buyers.

The booklet is written in both English and Japanese. The illustrated original booklet cover is also noteworthy in design.


About the Worldview of the Cards

Of all the various oracle cards in the world, the fact that you picked up Lucky's oracle card is a miracle in and of itself.

It is easy to feel bewildered when you are alone with your problems.

That's why it's a good idea to share your honest feelings with the card. No matter what the question, the oracle cards will sincerely answer your feelings and bring you aid.

As you do more readings, you will naturally get used to interpreting the cards. Let's whisper to Lucky through the oracle cards with the motto, “Have fun!”

Our illustrator put a lot of effort into this product, his passion and thoughts, which has undergone many trials and errors, comes through this product. 

The cards’ energy will surely elevate all of your readings to the next level.

The accompanying guidebooks are clearly explained in both Japanese and English, so beginners will be able to use the tarot cards with ease and familiarize themselves with them quickly.

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